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What is KOJI?


Naturally-occurring cultures are one of nature’s most amazing phenomena. Invisible to the naked eye and requiring real craftsmanship to manage, humans have harnessed their magical properties for thousands of years to enhance both flavor and nutritional goodness.
Koji (pronounced KO-jee, which rhymes with tea) is the artisan Japanese culturing process used to create staples such as soy sauce and miso. The 40+ enzymes that occur naturally in Koji make bioavailable all parts of the whole grain—starches, proteins and oils—releasing their nutrient goodness while imparting delicious flavor and aroma. This is the power of Koji that we use to create Graindrops. Culturing is nature’s own slow food, and we prefer to do it the natural way. We use absolutely no chemical or industrial enzymes, preferring instead our small batch, artisan-made Koji, which takes two full days to mature. Using 100 percent natural enzymes, organic whole grains, artfully composed organic flavors and pristine spring water gives Graindrops its wonderful taste and soul-quenching characteristics, making it the most unique non-dairy probiotic beverage in the world.



Why triple-cultured?

It’s the only way to create the world’s best non-dairy probiotic beverage without cutting corners.

We start by cultivating the Koji itself using our Biodynamic® rice. Then we add the Koji to our batch of five gluten-free organic whole grains and culture it until it is fully liquid and naturally sweet. This step releases all the nutritional components of the grain and gives it a full and round flavor. Now we have a cultured grainmilk, ready to become a delicious probiotic drink through the magic of seven strains of up to 20 billion live and active cultures. This is the third step in our triple-cultured process, where we take great pains to get the balance, texture and flavor just right.


Why Biodynamic® Rice Koji?

Our rice Koji is 100 percent Biodynamic®. We wouldn’t have it any other way. In a time where natural farming doesn’t always mean what people think, Biodynamic® farms represent a new era for modern sustainable agriculture. It is the only certified system of farming that considers plants, soil and animals as one self-sustaining ecosystem. Artificial fertilizers, chemical sprays and genetically-modified organisms are never used. Farmers instead use composting, crop rotation, mineral and herbal replenishment, and follow the subtle rhythms of nature to ensure healthy soils, plants and animals. Essentially, Biodynamic® farms showcase the power of traditional methods through a modern lens, just as we use the power of traditional Koji to produce a new exciting drink!

Complete Health

We believe in optimal health powered by nature’s own wisdom. That’s why we’ve worked hard to create a beverage made from the purest ingredients that delivers extraordinary nutritional value while promoting digestive health. Our whole grains are rich in fibers that encourage the growth of healthy and beneficial bacteria in our bodies. And because all cultured foods are in a sense pre-digested, they are more bioavailable, allowing the body absorb their nutrients more fully. Koji’s naturally rich mixture of enzymes like protease, amylase, and lipase convert all parts of our whole grains into healthy amino acids, carbohydrates, and natural sugars. So whether you’re traveling, working out or simply want a snack that’s healthy and satisfying, Graindrops tastes and feels great any time of day.