Mothers Kisses – more than just warm & loving?

Study after study demonstrate that there is more than Love behind that smothering of kisses  – Digestive health – kiss your children and slip a glass of Triple Cultured Fermented Graindrops into their hands every morning.


Another benefit of breastfeeding is that the friendly bacteria that colonize a mother’s gut is passed from a mother to a baby in breast milk. When a mother is taking probiotics, there is evidence that these “good bugs” can help to strengthen a baby’s immune system and may be useful to treat or even prevent colic, allergies and atopic skin conditions like eczema.


caring mother kissing little fingers of her cute sleeping baby g


Dogs act like probiotics helping the owners to grow healthy bacterial colonies in their body:

St Patrick's Day Puppy


Backyard chicks, when around their mom, naturally integrate bacteria from the hen and the surrounding environment. This bacteria makes them healthier and more resistant to disease.


Chicken with babies