Now there is a third choice Dairy Free Graindrops!

Are Probiotics Better in Pill Form or Yogurt?

Consuming probiotics through natural food sources like yogurt is one way to introduce the helpful bacteria into your system, but over-the-counter probiotic supplements are also gaining popularity as digestive health aids. Choosing the right approach depends on your existing health needs.

Supplements are a viable option if you have a digestive condition or diet that prevents you from eating yogurt.



Step by Step the Koji / Graindrop process.

Over the next few months on mondays we will be describing the Koji process step by step for those of you interested in understanding how Koji brings so much life to our beverage.

For those of you interested in the history, use in other food processing and sake here are some links from others sources.

Next week:  Step One Washing and preparing the Biodynamic Whole Rice.


Nordic Food Lab

South River Miso


Who needs a box?

When you have a great tasting Dairy Free Probiotic like Graindrops just add Nature!

Food should be nourishing, healing and delicious. This is the Graindrops philosophy behind the recipes shared in this collection. All recipes are vegan, raw, gluten-free and dairy-free, with options for seasonal ingredients that are locally grown.

While raw recipes help preserve the full nutritional benefit and goodness of the live and active cultures, Graindrops can also be used as a substitute for any recipes—soups, entrees, salad dressings, sauces, desserts, smoothies recipes—that call for yogurt, kefir, or other dairy and non-dairy beverages.




For Our Recipes :

Probiotics may hold key to improving mental health


Last year, researchers at St. Joseph’s Healthcare in Hamilton, Ont., discovered that mice that were stripped of their good stomach bacteria became anxious and depressed.

When they were given a probiotic, the animals’ moods improved as chemicals that reduce anxiety flooded their brains.

Those findings showed that “it is possible to simply feed a bacterium and then actually change the chemistry in the brain,” Dr. John Bienenstock, director of the Brain-Body Institute at St. Joseph’s, told CTV.


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Better and Deeper Rest for regular Probiotic Users.

 Probiotics: Not Just For Your Gut

 A study performed in Japan regarding probiotics indicated that the supplement can actually help you sleep. This study was conducted on healthy, elderly people and was divided into two groups. One group took a placebo while the other group took probiotics. According to the study, performed at Osaka University, there was a significant difference between those who took the probiotic supplement for the study trial when it came to improved sleep over those who took the placebo.
   By Catherine Lewis, IH Editor

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Graindrops is now available at Whole Foods Markets nationwide.

Where can I purchase Graindrops?

Graindrops the first non-dairy Koji-based probiotic can be purchased off the shelf in over 175 Whole Foods Market stores nationwide. Our goal is to have Graindrops on the shelf in over 300 Whole Foods Market locations by the Summer of 2015.

Click on the Store Locator  link below to find your local Whole Foods Market that currently carries Koji powered Graindrops.



What can I do if the product isn’t being carried locally?

Graindrops has a limited shelf life due to the live Enzymes and Probiotics that make the product so unique and special.  Product stocking decisions are determined by interest and shelf life.  Your local Whole Foods Market Grocery Manager would love to hear about your interest in Graindrops.

You can contact your local Whole Foods Market Grocery Manager to tell them of your interest or you can download the “We Want Graindrops Petition”.  Share the petition with your friends, family and colleagues and then drop off the petition during your next visit to Whole Foods Market.  It’s that easy!




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