Graindrops Founders, Susanne & Torodd Lien

“We believe that optimal health can be powered by nature, and that everything we need to maintain an active, energetic, healthy and fulfilling life can be found through intentionally and thoughtfully crafted food.”

~ Graindrops Founders, Susanne & Torodd Lien

Graindrops’s probiotic grainmilk is the delicious result of a quest that began in the 60’s to discover fresh ways of optimizing personal wellness through healthy lifestyle and diet choices.

In her youth, Susanne Lien, cofounder of Graindrops, sought her own radical movement by leaving modern life behind and moving to a remote, self-sustaining community in France. There, high up in the mountains, she lived off the land without electricity or other modern conveniences; she enjoyed the clean air, pure water and healthy foods grown without artificial fertilizers and chemical pesticides. But it wasn’t too long before she felt guilty for isolating herself from the problems she saw in the world. There had to be a way to share the joys of health and clean living with people who didn’t have access to a sustainable mountaintop community.

Susanne met Torodd, her husband and cofounder of Graindrops, in Switzerland; they reconnected later in Norway, where he had been working in the biodynamic and organic food industry. At the time, Susanne had worked many years as a nutrition counselor for patients who suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies, and environmental sensitivities. They both shared a passion for the slow food movement and sustainable nutrition. Together, Susanne and Torodd wanted to create a beverage that would meet the ideals of health and sustainability they believed in.

While creating Graindrops, Susanne and Torodd agreed on three things: One, they would not compromise on nutrition, taste and quality. Two, Graindrops must be available to all individuals, including those who suffered from modern food sensitivities like dairy and gluten. Finally, as they decided on a gluten-free, grain-based beverage, they knew fermentation was the key to unlocking nutrients that would support digestive health and strengthen the immune system.

Unimpressed with industrial fermentation enzymes, Susanne and Torodd spent years searching for a better option. Their research led them to Japan where they discovered the magical properties of koji, a long-kept culinary secret of Southeast Asia. Koji is the fermentation culture used to create many well-known Asian foods such as mirin, soy sauce, sake and miso. With a dynamic blend of 40-plus enzymes, koji is the secret to the robust and complex flavors found in Graindrops.

Graindrops is the result of Susanne and Torodd’s uncompromising dedication to health and sustainability. It’s a delicious whole-grain beverage that’s triple-cultured, organic, gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO. Powered by biodynamic koji, Graindrops is a delightful blend of rich taste and bioavailable nutrients.